The Great Half-A-Dozen Children’s Stories  1

Get whisked away on magic carpets, or get carried away by genies, aliens and fairies, in this enchanting collection
of six insightful keepsake children’s stories by award-winning author Tarif Youssef-Agha.

More About the Books:


One long evening, while the rest of the house slept, Blue and his friends started a mission to save the children of the World. Our brave heroes come face-to-face with challenges and threats; but giving up is not an option. This is a journey beyond imagination, a magical ride, with a rush to complete their mission before sunrise.

What's Special About Judy & What's Special About Richie

Everyone has something SPECIAL inside them just waiting to be discovered…

When Judy or Richie receives a birthday card telling them how special they are, they begin to wonder what that SPECIAL thing might be.

Some stories can live forever, especially in the hearts and minds of children.
This story is a real-life example of one.
You have to read it to believe it!

Me, My Friend and the Monster Picture Book by author Tarif Youssef-Agha

Me, My Friend, and Aziza

This is the true short story of what inspired the new children's book, "Me, My Friend and the Monster" out now, by author Tarif Youssef-Agha. Inspiring children to read and become story-tellers.


Alien's Homework is an Award-Winning Book!

Recipient of the 2023 Honor Award
from the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

Certificate of Excellence in Children’s Literature

Lalu must travel to planet Earth for his homework; what he found was unexpected. Fasten your seat belts and join him and Lala the wise owl in a ride that will open your eyes and take you to the far corners of the Earth.

Turtle Meets Genie - To Wish or Not To Wish

Terry the Turtle is not happy with himself. He doesn’t like his green skin, nor his big shell that makes him slow. He wishes he was anything but a turtle. So, when a Genie appears to offer him one wish, he has to decide what he would rather be. What he decided to be will open your eyes.

About the Author:

Tarif Youssef-Agha

was born in Damascus, Syria in 1957. He started writing short stories and articles in his early years of elementary school and free style poetry in his college years. He earned 2 BS degrees in Engineering and Literature from Damascus University. He has 8 published books, three of which are this new Children’s adventure. Learn more about the author here…

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This author has the dissertation and willingness to write the journey of his life and share it with the world like no other. This is not for a specific audience. This book is for everyone who lives among the living and laments for the departed and expediates all the branches of a real love story which permeates within us all. . I will give one small insight for the reader. Damascus is were Able and Cain from the Bible lived, walked and were finally lamented. This book draws the breath of God from the first old city Damascus which we were all born from his dust to his glory and loved forever. Michael


Truly heartfelt poetry centered around three powerful themes of love, death, and life. Written from the perspective of a Syrian American who grew up in Damascus, this book provides an insightful look into the life and culture of that time period. Syria, a country that has been riddled with violence and corruption in recent years, has an entire story waiting to be told by the first hand experiences of Tarif as he grows from a young adult into a man with as much wisdom as compassion. A must read book for anyone interested in Middle Eastern society.

Hearts, Tears, & the Journey of Life is a compilation of poems that seem to be written on the spur of a moment after an event, such as the death of a family member or friend, provoked the author to remember and register. It is also about love and memory in their abstract form. The poetry is lighthearted, spontaneous and at times funny, registering moments of survival, happiness, loneliness and nostalgia.