Alien's Homework

Lalu must travel to planet Earth for his homework; what he found was unexpected.

Fasten your seat belts and join him and Lala the wise owl in a ride that will pen your eyes and take you to the far corners of the Earth.

In the new children’s story book, “Alien’s Homework, The Ride is About to Start” Lalu, a young alien student is given a homework assignment to visit Earth and report back. What he presents is a beautiful world where all of our problems have been fixed and nature is flourishing. He shows what a thriving planet looks like, explains what the problem had been and what was done to fix it. It educates children about what they can do to help, instead of dooming them to a future that can’t be fixed. It is a story we hope everyone takes to heart as Earth is our home – and our home needs us.  

Watch the Book Trailer Video for Aliens:

Recent Comments:

This is an interesting twist on the current situation with Earth, covering many topics but is not overwhelming to a child.
What I like about is the focus is not on Global Warming or Climate Change. It's about what humans did and how we changed it.
It shows the positive outcome and then shows what it was like in each situation, with an explanation of what was done to fix it.

The Picture Book

This 44 page Full-Color, vibrantly illustrated, children’s picture book is an Easy-To-Read Story aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

The message encourages children to take care of the planet as it is our only home.

The Coloring Book

This 44 page Coloring Book contains the same fun story as the Picture book, an Easy-To-Read Story aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

Each illustration is left colorless so the children can use their creativity to color along with the story, which helps promote learning and creativity.

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