Meet the Characters:

About the Story:

One long evening, while the rest of the house slept, Blue and his friends started a mission to save the children of the World. Our brave heroes come face-to-face with challenges and threats; but giving up is not an option. This is a journey beyond imagination, a magical ride, with a rush to complete their mission before sunrise.

Second Book Trailer - Chapter Book Adventure

The Chapter Book & E-Books

This Action-Packed Full-Length Chapter Book is a ton of fun for children ages 8-12 to read. It includes an array of interesting characters that must overcome various obstacles in order to complete their mission before the end of the night.

This great story is designed to encourage and promote reading, through fun, all while bringing light to a very important issue that faces all children these days. This 160 page book is available in paperback & multiple electronic format digital e-books.

The Coloring Book

This 48 page Coloring Book contains the same exciting adventure as the chapter book, just simplified into an Easy-To-Read Story aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

Each illustration is left colorless so the children can use their creativity to color along with the story, which helps promote learning and creativity.

The Picture Book

This Full-Color vibrantly illustrated Easy-To-Read children’s picture book contains the same exciting adventure as the chapter book, just simplified and made aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

Each full-color illustration is bound to draw the child into the story and is a great way to keep a child’s attention as the story is being read to them. A great story to pass the time, during bed time, or anytime a child wants to read.

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