Turtle Meets Genie

Terry the Turtle is not happy with himself. He doesn’t like his green skin, nor his big shell that makes him slow. He wishes he was anything but a turtle. So, when a Genie appears to offer him one wish, he has to decide what he would rather be. What he decided to be will open your eyes.

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The Picture Book

This 42 page Full-Color, vibrantly illustrated, children’s picture book is an Easy-To-Read Story aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

The message encourages children to take care of the planet as it is our only home.

The Coloring Book

This 42 page Coloring Book contains the same fun story as the Picture book, an Easy-To-Read Story aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

Each illustration is left colorless so the children can use their creativity to color along with the story, which helps promote learning and creativity.

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