What's Special About Richie?

Everyone has something SPECIAL inside them just waiting to be discovered…
When Richie receives a birthday card telling him how special he is, he begins to wonder what that SPECIAL thing might be.

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Recent Comments:

This is a good story for ages 4 and up, to I would say 9. Illustrations were good.
A very cute book, giving the reader the ability to think of all the ways Richie can feel special, with the talents that have naturally come out as he explores his special features.
I thought this was a good story for young children to be able to see that no matter what, you are special!

The Picture Book

This 38 page Full-Color, vibrantly illustrated, children’s picture book is an Easy-To-Read Story aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

The message encourages children to work hard, study and practice whichever skills they want in order to become someone special.

The Coloring Book

This 38 page Coloring Book contains the same fun story as the Picture book, an Easy-To-Read Story aptly suited for children ages 4-7.

Each illustration is left colorless so the children can use their creativity to color along with the story, which helps promote learning and creativity.

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